Digital Transformation

Digital is NOW!

Competitors thrive on the competitive advantage that digital delivers to them.

Digital 1st is the cultural, organisational and operational integration of people, information & infrastructure to create value, streamline operations & improve performance.

Digital meet client’s needs efficiently and effectively in an integrated business model transforming:

  • from channels, processes, and data
  • to operations, automated reporting, and a customer-centric culture.

Engage your staff in digital transformation to:

  • enhance your customer experience
  • improve your performance on qualitative and quantitative criteria
  • motivate the development of the skills required in workforce of the future

Blue Chip Consulting Group partner to leverage value from digital transformation by: 

  • Facilitating agreement on a Digital 1stPlan objectives
  • Mapping As Is to identify and agree what is to be digitalised or deleted
  • Identifying previously accepted constraints to business model change
  • Motivating key stakeholders ‘buy-in’ to the digital business model
  • Identifying potential new revenue streams
  • Encouraging co-design of an outside-in customer-centric view
  • Challenging silos undermining the customer experience or imposing unnecessary constraints
  • Identifying essential software and integration to enable Digital 1st
  • Supporting users to optimise quality in a digital business model
  • Identifying staff development/recruitment needs to leverage the benefits of a digital business model
  • Automating reporting to provide timely and accurate business intelligence for decision making
  • Managing the risk of regression should the ‘learning effect’ delay digital transformation benefits

Outside-In Thinking

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”      Albert Einstein

Outside-In Thinking contrasts what might have been acceptable in the past with clients expectations in the digital age. Competitors are clever at:

  • marketing through your client's smartphone or keyboard
  • helping prospects appreciate their purchasing power and choice 
  • onboarding new clients from existing suppliers seamlessly

C Suite and Digital Transformation 

Digital benefit is maximised when the C Suite:

  • support rather than thwart digital transformation
  • understand that transformation highlights the need to address waste, inefficiency, duplication, mismanagement, and unproductive egos
  • are fully engaged in Outside-In thinking to better deliver a client’s needs
  • review and restate assumptions, policies, and procedures to enhance a client’s needs
  • support cross-functional digital transformation and reject siloed thinking

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