Blue Chip Consulting Group

Expertise, insight, focus, energy and 20+ years experience

engaging staff in converting intention to action

to deliver performance improvement  


Consulting services complement your performance improvement objectives.

We partner to quantify opportunity, agree strategic outcomes and manage risk.

We then work with you to make your strategy operational by aligning strategic objectives with day to day operations.

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Executive Education

Executive education is an investment in the ability and motivation of staff to positively engage with others to deliver improved results.

Customised content and adult learning techniques enable participants to apply their learning in your workplace. 

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We facilitate progress by a focus on outcomes, options, solutions and essential action.

Facilitation enables individuals, groups, departments and organisations to reconcile diverse views, agree outcomes and progress with positive energy to a shared vision and measurable outcomes.

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Blue Chip Consulting Group partner with clients globally to reconfirm Strategy, improve Governance, develop Leadership and facilitate Performance Improvement through customer centricity, business intelligence, cross functional capability, baselines and targets.  

Blue Chip Consulting Group balance rational and irrational demands in delivering performance improvement using a variety of proven tools and techniques.

"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got."  Henry Ford

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