Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to accept poor performance‘ as ‘Business as Usual’?

No. Poor performance increases direct cost and ‘opportunity cost’. Poor performance reduces the value of a business and threatens its survival. Intent does not solve problems. Immediate, focused, targetted action can.

Can we achieve performance improvement without external consultants?

Does your reading these FAQs highlight your need for a change catalyst and the benefits of external support to address performance challenges and achieve performance targets?

Can we afford external consultants?

Skilled performance improvement consultants pay for themselves. Return on the cost of consultants as a business performance improvement investment (ROI) is a key selection criterion. 

Can we afford to engage the Blue Chip Consulting Group?

Yes. We scope projects against confirmed baselines. If we cannot deliver ongoing benefits which exceed your investment, we recommend that a proposed project not proceed.

Are Blue Chip Consulting Group fees based on results?

No. Fees are agreed upon prior to our engagement. The cost-benefit of recommendations can fund your performance improvement project. Agreed fees recognise that you, not external consultants, decide which recommendations to implement and when.

What tools or techniques will Blue Chip Consulting Group apply?

Our performance improvement mindset applies tools from agile, business process management, digital transformation, lean six sigma, management & throughput accounting, process excellence, theory of constraints, & value management to ‘fit’ with your organisational culture, staff capability and project objectives

What is Action Planning?

Action Planning helps focus ideas to decide what action is needed to achieve what you want to achieve over time. Your action is required.! Arrange a phone discussion with John Cleary on 041152252. Develop or invite a Proposal to improve performance.

Does Blue Chip Consulting Group act with integrity within a Code of Conduct?

Yes. Blue Chip Consulting Group, and member companies, have built a reputation as trusted advisers over the past 20+years. Our Code of Conduct and Confidentiality Agreements ensure we act with integrity and safeguard ‘commercial in confidence information.

Is a Consulting/Workforce Planning/Operational Audit project disruptive?

Yes. You don’t improve performance without disruption. Key stakeholders agree priorities based on current performance, improvement needs, workload, and capacity. Active engagement, in addition to existing workload, is vital to addressing underperformance issues and to achieving cross-functional agreement on As Is and definition of To Be – the action required to achieve performance targets.

Who are Blue Chip Consulting Group clients?

Our clients include large and small businesses from diverse industries and 20+ years of projects & executive education in Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nigeria, PNG, Singapore, Tanzania & Thailand.   

See https://bluechipconsultinggroup.com.au/client-list/

What is customised Executive Education?

Customised programs are co-designed with key stakeholders to maximise the benefit of applied learning in your workplace. The content reflects how you do business (structure, policies & procedures, enterprise software, reporting, measurement etc. Case Studies, which participants problem solve, highlight specific challenges in your workplace.

Research or Action? Where to from here?

Your immediate action is essential! Arrange a phone discussion with John Cleary on 041152252. Meet to discuss your performance challenges. Invite a Project Proposal detailing how the Blue Chip Consulting Group will assist you to improve performance.

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