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Blue Chip Consulting Group has contributed to aged care across Australia through meals on wheels, home care and residential care projects and regularly publish articles outlining industry challenges and solutions.

Blue Chip Consulting Group recently facilitated strategic planning for a residential care provider. It was a timely reminder of how tough it is to deliver quality care services to increasingly frail residents, through multi-disciplinary staff, 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.

We excel at facilitating Strategic Planning workshops and producing an Action Plan as a priority above a pretty coffee table publication of intent.

Incremental change over time too easily becomes business as usual. We recommend providers ask WHY major investments to review HOW a better return could be achieved.

Our Board Workforce Planning & Commercial Services Review presentation outlines how to free up resources to re-invest in quality care by reviewing your:

  • Base Roster                                                                                                            – review how 65% – 70% of expenditure invested in labour delivers quality
  • Contract management                                                                                            – confirm existing obligations, market test, tender for cost effective options.

Optimising resources pays for the review and delivers ongoing benefits with no ongoing fees. A written agreement details initial rates and a results dividend, once the project pays for itself through outcomes delivering the same or improved quality at lower cost.

The proposal proceeds by Board agreement to a Blue Chip Consulting Group presentation of recommendations to a joint Board, CEO and senior management meeting.

We encourage all Boards to undertake the process we outline, with or without our involvement, to enable practical re-investment in quality care and financial sustainability.

Our submission to the Aged Care Royal Commission will propose increased ACFI funding linked to measurable service levels not waste or profit.  The proposed review outcome will assist submissions to the Royal Commission for increased funding for staff and automation. 

The ABC 7.30 Report asked Aged care – Who Cares?

Blue Chip Consulting Group have cared about the quality of aged care for decades.

We don’t think providers should be stuck with ‘industry experts’ whose expertise is more an outcome of industry association sponsorship rather than their ability to deliver practical solutions which improve care quality and invest in financial sustainability.

Contact John Cleary on 0411 522 521 to arrange a Board presentation.

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