Consulting Projects engage staff in performance improvement by:

  • connecting people, information, and infrastructure
  • motivating cross-functional collaboration through applied business intelligence
  • confirming baselines to agree performance improvement target benchmarks
  • strategies and tactics to achieve performance improvement targets by streamlining to make ‘the whole’ greater than the ‘sum of the parts’


Whole of Enterprise Projects set performance improvement targets following a diagnostic of:

    • Vision – is the vision shared or does the absence of shared vision undermine, cross-functional collaboration?
    • Value Stream– workflow analysis and process mapping to agree As Is to then determine To Be
    • Competitive Landscape– how is it managed for competitive advantage?
    • Structure and Staff – how are Critical Success Factors reflected in KPIs cascading through the organisation to integrate responsibility and accountability?
    • Systems– what systems exist and how do they enhance/undermine performance?
    • Assumptions, Unwritten Policies, ‘Gut Feelings’ – clarify, reconfirm or reject?
    • Reporting– review regular reports to analyse the audience, purpose, and impact
    • Baselines– timely and accurate business intelligence to confirm current baselines
    • Financials– review of financial reporting, significant ratios, and trends
    • IT– how is Information Technology an enabler, automater and integrator?
    • Capacity & Utilisation– identifying capacity, current utilisation & target utilisation

to determine how to add value by better integrating an organisation using identified opportunities (add value, minimise waste, reduce error, manage variance) and risk

Whole of Enterprise Project Examples

Governance – enhance the Governance framework by implementation of operational Policies, Procedures and Guidelines to meet strategic targets, manage risk and meet compliance obligations

Strategic Planning– facilitated key stakeholder meetings to determine a shared vision and preferred option to meet targets documented with clear specific, measurable, and timely goals in an integrated Strategic Plan (Long Term) and Business Plan (Short Term)

Workforce Planning – facilitate a Plan distributing capability to deliver a positive customer experience by matching demand and throughput with supply whether Insourced/Outsourced/Offshored

Digital Transformation Digital 1st – promote cultural, organisational and operational integration of people, information & infrastructure to create value, increase agility & improve performance.

Value Stream Enhancement – establish performance baselines and recommend targets to enhance the value stream to and deliver a positive customer experience

Leadership Development– develop organisational and individual leadership skills to guide staff in continuous improvement and achieving performance targets

Change Management– develop organisational and individual capability and motivation to work with paradox and change to embrace continuous improvement

Quality – identify what represents value to clients and the improvement, re-engineering, or transformation required to deliver value, on time, free from defects


Target projects focus on a function, team, department, or division using applied business intelligence to obtain key stakeholders’ agreement on current performance baselines and target benchmarks.

Issues can include customer experience, complaints, communication, silos, quality, productivity, error, waste, labour management, overtime, or reverse supply chain.

         Optimising ROI through a Blue Chip Consulting Group Partnership

    • Demonstrate leadership – be clear on the scope, roles & outcomes
    • Be accountable in meeting your timelines & deliverables
    • Communicate openly, honestly, & constructively  Highlighting ‘commercial in confidence’ information and information that is ‘off the record’ 
    • Positively contribute to meetings by being present for the entire meeting
    • Motivate staff to achieve the performance outcomes that they are responsible for

When you need a skilled and experienced partner to improve your operational performance, contact  John Cleary on +61 411 522 521.

“Strategy should evolve out of the mud of the marketplace, 

not in the antiseptic environment of an ivory tower.”          Al Ries


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