“Strategy should evolve out of the mud of the marketplace, 

not in the antiseptic environment of an ivory tower.”          Al Ries

Blue Chip Consulting Group assist identify, achieve opportunities and resolve problems and challenges undermining performance. We partner to quantify opportunity, develop specific,measurable and timely objectives and align operations with strategic outcome targets.

Consulting Services include:

  • Value Stream Development– operational audit against mission, vision, values and strategy to review the customer experience and value stream from trigger to payment to align operations with strategic objectives by matching throughput to demand
  • Strategic Planning– facilitated key stakeholder meetings canvassing broad options to determine a preferred option which meets strategic targets. Shared vision of the desired future documented in an integrated Strategic Plan (Long Term) and Business Plan (Short Term) with clear specific, measurable and timely goals
  • Governance Framework– review and enhance the Governance framework to focus operations on achieving agreed strategic outcomes through Policies, Procedures and Guidleines which exploit opportunity and manage risk while meeting compliance obligations
  • Leadership Development– develop Managers to become Leaders to enable all staff to benefit from shared vision, clear values and ethical behaviour in meeting performance targets
  • Diagnostic Review & Performance Management–  diagnostic identifying performance shortfalls with recommendations to align operations to improvement targets & prevent slippage
  • Change Management– develop organisational and individual capability and motivation to work with paradox in changing circumstances to achieve sustainable performance improvement
  • Innovation and Commercialisation– ongoing thought leadership and market surveillance to identify competitive advantage opportunities and risks in the changing global economy
  • Competitive Tendering– benchmark internal service, quality and cost before market testing to increase quality at equal or less cost through a Tender process with clear evaluation criteria
  • Contract Management – draft a performance based Service Agreement delivering specific outcomes and ‘best value’ in the supply market, implement the Agreement with a Contract Management framework to achieve ‘best value’
  • Quality – identify what represents value to clients and the improvement, re engineering or transformation required to deliver value on time free from defects and unacceptable variance
  • Agile Business Modelevaluate a mixed Insource/Outsource/Offshore business model to increase client value and improve performance
Partner to improve business and profitability

Building staff performance improvement motivation & capability

Maximising the Benefit of a Consulting Partnership:

  • Demonstrate leadership – be clear on scope, role & outcomes
  • Be accountable for your timelines & deliverables
  • Move beyond reactive & defensive to opportunistic
  • Communicate openly, honestly and constructively
  • Positively contribute to review meetings 
  • Identify what you are unable/unwilling to communicate 
  • Engage and motivate your staff in achieving the agreed outcomes for which they are accountable

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