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                     “There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently

                    that which should not be done at all.”                    Peter Drucker                                                                       

Consulting Diagnostic and targeted services building staff capability and motivation to improve performance.
Executive Education Customised content and adult learning principles for applied learning in the workplace.
Facilitation Making progress possible for groups by insight to action with an outcome focus.
Cost Management Diagnostic and targeted services to improve financial performance and increase return on investment.

  expertise, insight, energy, & engagement across diverse industries to:

  • engage staff in the use of practical tools & techniques
  • build the continuous improvement capability and motivation of staff
  • promote and facilitate cross-functional collaboration for performance improvement
  • quantify opportunity, reconfirm strategy and reinforce governance
  • agree on performance baselines and target benchmarks (outcomes)
  • enhance your Value Stream by aligning operations with strategic objectives
  • manage risk

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John Cleary Management Consultant Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Malaysia

John Cleary – Managing Director 

“John works very hard to ensure he has a deep understanding of the business 

before he accepts an assignment and is highly ethical.”

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