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Blue Chip Consulting Group services include:

Consulting Diagnostic analysis to build essential staff capability and motivation to improve performance.
Facilitation Making progress possible through people using insight to action with a performance improvement focus.
Executive Education Customised workshop content using adult learning principles to develop essential skills for your workplace.
Cost Management Diagnostic analysis to improve financial performance and increase return on investment.

The Blue Chip Consulting Group has evolved since its inception in the late 1980s. While the services provided have been consistent, the methodologies used have been developed to make the most of proven management theory and applied learning over the years to bring the expertise, insight, & energy to engage your staff in performance improvement. We bring consultants with the skills and expertise to add value in your business.

You know the WHY. When performance fails, businesses fail!

The Blue Chip Consulting Groups HOW is by:

  • reinforcing the importance of good governance and risk management
  • using business intelligence to inform decision making
  • agreeing baselines and performance improvement targets
  • building staff motivation for performance improvement
  • providing staff with practical performance improvement tools & techniques
  • facilitating cross-functional collaboration
  • aligning operations to achieve agreed performance improvement targets
  • aligning operations to achieve agreed performance improvement targets
  • accountability for implementing agreed strategy and tactics

             “There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently

                    that which should not be done at all.”                    Peter Drucker   

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John Cleary Management Consultant Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Malaysia

Contact Managing Director John Cleary on +61 411 522 521

“John works very hard to ensure he has a deep understanding of the business 

before he accepts an assignment and is highly ethical.”

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