Engage your staff in performance improvement!

Performance Improvement

To improve is to become better. Change and change management is essential for performance improvement

The Blue Chip Consulting Group bring the energy to embrace the change required to engage your staff in achieving performance improvement against confirmed baselines (As Is) and agreed targets (To Be).

Value Add

Clients appreciate the value the Blue Chip Consulting Group  add when their ‘Business As Usual’ is:

  • repeated intentions to improve performance are undermined by the ‘cancer of silos’ 
  • processes along the value chain undermining customer value
  • incremental change is reactive rather than strategic and sustainable
  • client spend and/or market share is declining while cashflow and profit reduce
  • waste, error & variance is accepted rather than resolved

Value Stream

Your value stream is the end to end range of activities/processes undertaken to meet your client’s needs. We utilise a range of performance improvement methodologies to enhance your value chain.

Value-chain analysis:

  • places client value at the centre of each process along the value stream
  • relies on business intelligence not ‘gut feel’, unfounded assumptions or outdated paradigms
  • leverages cross-functional capability to  align day to day operations to performance targets
  • is the pathway to increased client value at or above target margin

Code of Conduct

Blue Chip Consulting Group  Consultants acts with integrity.

That is, we do the things we say we will do when we say we will do them.

Our Code of Conduct reinforces our commitment to integrity by preventing any conflict of interest in meeting your agreed performance improvement targets.

Client List – Our Clients who achieved performance improvement through engaged staff! Call John Cleary on +61 411 522 521 

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