Effective facilitation makes progress possible

even when progress seemed impossible.

Skilled Facilitators assist Boards, Executives, Managers, & Team Leaders to:

  • engage key stakeholders in meetings that matter
  • make invisible assumptions, policies, and processes visible
  • better understand performance improvement challenges/opportunities
  • confirm shared assumptions and reject unfounded assumptions
  • review and confirm unwritten policies and procedures
  • agree solutions to challenges and strategies and tactics to exploit opportunities

Blue Chip Consulting Group Facilitators 

  • design workshops/meetings to achieve your specific objectives
  • engage key stakeholders to resolve key issues
  • facilitate diagnostic analysis of opportunities and risks
  • encourage, invite, and reconcile diverse views
  • maintain an outcome focus throughout every workshop/meeting
  • make progress possible with clarity and insight to action
  • use diverse facilitation techniques including action planning, brainstorming, creative thinking, flip it, active listening, 5 Whys, Inside-Out Thinking
  • overcome 'analysis paralysis'

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