Executive Education

“Spot on. People need your workshop if only to demonstrate what’s possible.”

Topics are customised to:

  • meet contemporary business challenges
  • multiply the learning effect using adult learning techniques 
  • increase return on your professional development investment

Workshop participants are engaged individually and in groups and produce an Action Plan to apply their learning in the workplace.

We offer ongoing coaching to assist participants to achieve their Action Plan objectives.

Topics as at December 2020

1. Rebounding to Success – Boiling Frog or Boxing Kangaroo?

2. Demand Planning & the Agile Digital Workforce

3. Leading Change in the Digital Workplace and Workforce

4. Facilitation – Making Progress through Insight to Action

5. Digital Transformation– Leveraging the Benefits & Managing the Risk

6. Strategic Cost Management – Optimising Revenue and Profit

7. Budget Anchor or Budgeting for Improved Financial Performance

8. Finance 4 Non-Finance Managers/Co-Ordinators/Team Leaders

9. ‘Best Value’ – Competitive Tendering & Contract Management

10. Applied Decision Making & Problem Solving Skills

11. Forecasting & Predictive Analysis

12. Management Fundamentals –Fast Track

“The world hates change, yet it is the only thing  that has brought progress.”                                                                                                                                         Charles Kettering

Contact  John Cleary +61 411 522 521 to discuss your professional development needs or for a list of Executive Education Topics by Objectives, Target Audience & Content.

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