Trust is a vital ingredient in any consulting partnership. The Blue Chip Consulting Group, and its member companies, value the reputation they invested in and built as a trusted adviser over the past 20+years.

To reflect our commitment to acting as trusted advisers, Blue Chip Consulting Group, member companies, staff, contractors & associates make a written undertaking to comply with the following Code of Conduct

  1. Maintain focus on delivering value through performance improvement
  2. Act honestly with integrity by doing what we say we will do 
  3. Invest in lifelong learning to generate solutions which create value for clients
  4. Report any alleged Code of Conduct violation to the Managing Director as soon as possible after an allegation is made or a potential conflict is recognised.
  5. Cease involvement in any perceived or actual conflict of interest which calls into question the objectivity of any action, judgment, and/or decision until the alleged conflict is resolved by the Managing Director
  6. Respect, safeguard and protect all ‘commercial in confidence’ information
  7. Not accept a 3rd party fee or reward without written prior permission of the Client and the Managing Director
  8. Acknowledge that a breach of the Code of Conduct terminates employment, a contract or association with Blue Chip Consulting Group or associated companies

The Managing Director of the Blue Chip Consulting Group undertakes to:

  1. Resolve any alleged or actual conflict with this Code of Conduct as soon as possible.
  2. Invite affected parties to provide evidence to resolve any alleged conflict
  3. Report the resolution of proven violations to affected parties.
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