Strategic Planning in Aged Care

Strategic Planning in Aged Care – Residential, Community & Retirement Living

Blue Chip Consulting Group assists existing and potential aged care providers develop a strategic approach to developing their client value stream by:

  • outlining the opportunities and risks in the wider aged care service continuum
  • assisting in working through strategic options to agree a preferred option
  • unfreezing thinking that assumes the past reflects the future in times of disruptive innovation
  • documenting a strategic plan as a working document to achieve the preferred outcome
  • managing change to deliver then wedge performance improvement
  • integrating operations to provide ‘one source of truth’ with enhanced communication
  • achieving delivery (direct & indirect) of quality services at optimum cost
  • leveraging the profitability and sustainability of a business model

 Blue Chip Consulting Group assists by:

  • facilitating Board Strategic Planning workshops and drafting Strategic Plans
  • facilitating Senior Management Team workshops to make strategy operational
  • disaggregating the current business model to propose options for improved client value
  • undertaking an organisational/business unit review to identify performance improvement opportunities in people, process, product and performance
  • using national benchmarks to identify improvement targets at the local/business unit level
  • competitively tendering to achieve greater quality at lower cost whether internal or external
  • developing the business acumen and commercial decision making of managers
  • scoping alliance/partnership options and developing practical draft agreements

 Blue Chip Consulting Group have more than 30 years’ experience in residential and community aged care and a proven track record in developing sustainable business models. We use internationally proven performance improvement techniques. We understand the revenue model, government funding, industry benchmarks and how to make strategy operational.

 Use the Blue Chip Consulting Group‘s strategic and operational insight to develop your investment in quality, client satisfaction, viability, sustainability and industry leadership including:

  • best use of capital to make strategy operational and maximise return on investment
  • diagnostic research to identify opportunities and develop strategies to improve quality of care, occupancy/market share, funding, operations, IT, facilities and equipment.


 Strategic Issues

Mission, Vision, Values, Behaviours

Value Proposition

 Governance Model – Policies and Procedures

 Strategic Plan – Business Plan – Business Case

 Property Portfolio

 Cash Management

 Alliances Partnerships and Mergers

 Making Strategy Operational – Strategy, Structure & Reporting

 Critical Success Factors (CSFs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

 Revenue Model – Break Even, Volume & Margin

 More Money for Mission – Return on Investment and Cost Management

 Integrated Service Model

   – Location(s)

   – Direct & Indirect

   – Primary, Secondary & Tertiary

   – One Source of Truth and Business Intelligence

 Performance Management – Board, Management and Staff

 Government Relations and Stakeholder Management

 Workforce Planning,

 Labour Management

 Staff Development and Succession Planning

 The Dining Experience

 Information Technology as an enabler

 Risk Management

 Supply Chain & Inventory Management

 Marketing, Public Relations and Sales

 Client Relationship Management

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