Making Strategy Operational in Aged Care

Making Strategy Operational in Aged Care – Residential, Community & Retirement

Blue Chip Consulting Group partner with aged care providers to make strategy operational by aligning what happens ‘day to day’ with specific, measurable and timely strategic outcomes.

We assist by:

  • mapping the value stream to identify value adding and non-value adding activities
  • disaggregating the business model to review options to improve quality and optimise cost
  • identifying opportunity to add value by moving resources to areas of greater client value
  • undertaking an organisational/business unit review to identify how to add value
  • using national benchmarks to identify improvement opportunities at business unit level
  • identifying opportunity for performance improvement (people, process, product, productivity)
  • establishing integrated Key Performance Indicators focusing staff effort in the knowledge of how they and others contribute to specific and measurable strategic outcomes[1]
  • developing the business acumen and commercial decision making of staff
  • competitively tendering for services to achieve greater quality at optimum cost whether provided internally or externally post tender

 We have a significant track record and extensive experience in developing business models using proven international improvement techniques including systems thinking, value stream, constraints management, lean thinking and process excellence. We use the right tools and techniques at the right to improve performance by build staff skills motivation and capability.

Blue Chip Consulting Group understand the revenue model, government funding, industry benchmarks and change management. Our diagnostic research identifies how to improve quality of care and return on investment for clients, organisations and staff with specific, measurable and timely outcomes with clear responsibility and accountability.

 We assist in integrating operations to focus on service quality at optimum cost. We believe in ‘one source of truth’ and trend reporting performance against external and internal benchmarks.

Many aged care providers have used our operational insight to develop service quality, maximising return on investment, achieve more money for mission, and improving sustainability.

Example – Making Strategy Operational in Residential Aged Care Hospitality Services
National Benchmark $prpd   Organisation Benchmark $prpd (+/-)  
    RAC Benchmark $prpd (+/-)  
National Hospitality Benchmark   $prpd   RAC Hospitality Benchmark $ prpd (+/-)  
  CateringLabour $prpdPurchases $prpdOther $prpd LaundryLabour $prpdPurchases $prpdOther $prpd CleaningLabour $prpdPurchases $prpdOther $prpd
Review and Propose Quality Outcomes – Specific, Measurable and Timely Compliance and Accreditation issuesBaseline and Trend Reporting against Target BenchmarksSystem /Constraints /Value /Capacity & Utilisation /Process /Waste

Process Improvement, Reengineering, Internal/External Supply

Action Plan – Specific, Measurable and Timely Objectives

– What/Who/Why/When

– Responsibility & Accountability

Ongoing Measurement and Trend Reporting

Business Case Methodology – integrated future service enhancement

Example: An organisation receives complaints about quality of Catering, Cleaning and Laundry and exceeds national hospitality cost Benchmark by $4,268,812. Integrated KPIs developed on quality and cost measures to transition to Benchmark within 12 months focussing first on agreed priority RACs.

Benchmark eg









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