Digital Transformation – Beyond Quotient to Capability

Insanity EinsteinLet’s begin with a frank and fearless Q & A on your digital quotient and ability to contribute to digital transformation.

  1. Is your ‘elephant in the room’ digital transformation?
  1. Afraid to acknowledge you don’t understand digital transformation?
  1. Tinkering at the edge of digital transformation but never immersed yourself enough to identify the opportunity or understand the ‘opportunity cost’?
  1. Delegating responsibility for digital transformation to a deputy with little resources or influence?
  1. Ignoring the potential of digital transformation particularly when its outside your direct experience?
  1. Expect a simple solution for an enterprise wide challenge when you are unable to understand the opportunity, ‘opportunity cost’ or solution proposed? 


You are not alone.  Failure to address digital opportunity and threat is an increasingly common C Suite experience and the contemporary test of executive leadership.

When you address the digital elephant in the room, you better understand that digital technologies provide opportunity for users – including your customers – to compare, bargain and switch to a competitor at the click of a mouse. That’s the reality of digital disruption.

Digital transformation affects every business function.  Marketing, sales, HR, finance, operations, fulfilment and logistics – the historical functional silos responsible for delivering their definition of client value.  When functional silos are reliant on software which reinforces a silo mentality at the expense of the value stream, the potential for digital disruption increases.

IT becomes an enabler when it delivers one source of truth to simplify big data, deliver business intelligence, enable better resource management and initiate disruptive innovation to deliver better client value.  Business intelligence software can be a quick and easy solution to convert As Is to one source of truth to enhance the value stream when the current IT infrastructure is siloed or has continuity as its major KPI.

Equip yourself as a contemporary executive capable of leadership in times of digital disruption.  Develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to answer all the questions above with answers that illustrate your capability. 

Your enhanced understanding of the opportunity and risk in digital transformation will enable you to lead conversion of a traditional business model to a digital business model.

If that understanding is developed as a C Suite activity, the shared learning will facilitate an integrated approach to implementing a digital business model and achieving the significant opportunities that brings.

Digital Business Transformation – Exploiting Opportunity and Managing Risk in the Digital Age is a workshop facilitated John Cleary. Contact John on + 61 411 522 521 to discuss how this workshop can transform your organisation to embrace and realise the digital opportunity


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