Revenue Model deregulated market

Government Funding, Revenue & Financial Sustainability

In times of disruptive innovation, delivering client value is essential to competitive advantage, leveraging economies of scale and financial sustainability. When government regulation is removed, history becomes a poor indicator of the future. Disruption is predictable when increased competition, choice and transparency drive new market entrants and revenue models.  Assumed loyalty is dangerous when comparative analysis is as close as […]

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It is what it is until it isnt what it was

It Is What It Is until It Isn’t What It Was

Our experienced aged care funded provider relied on ‘gut feel’ to justify their ‘paradigm’ that the future would reflect the past despite contestability, transparency and increased competition. The past was a continuum of aged care services including a Home Care business model with 225 package client’s delivering 100,710 hours of care/year at an average hourly cost of $76.02/hour exclusive of […]

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The Age of Digital Darwinism

Technology and society are evolving faster than most organisations can adapt. While humans make strategic decisions, Business Intelligence (BI) makes sense of a more structured operational environment which can be systematised and/or automated. BI is the commercial application of intelligence in reasoning, perceiving relationships and analogies, calculating and learning quickly. We live in a hyperconnected world which Fujitsu Digital Darwinism recently […]

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Digital Transformation – Beyond Quotient to Capability

Let’s begin with a frank and fearless Q & A on your digital quotient and ability to contribute to digital transformation. Is your ‘elephant in the room’ digital transformation? Afraid to acknowledge you don’t understand digital transformation? Tinkering at the edge of digital transformation but never immersed yourself enough to identify the opportunity or understand the ‘opportunity cost’? Delegating responsibility […]

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Engaging Staff in Performance Improvement – 4 Essential Steps

The annual performance review is often dreaded by both managers and staff. A recurring request from Blue Chip Consulting Group clients is to upskill managers to engage staff in performance improvement. One example shared with us was an employee told at a performance review “I don’t know what you do but you are obviously doing a good job so keep […]

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